You may have noticed that the My Self Blog RSS subscriber numbers have leveled off. A look at the growth chart below show this happened at when I sold My Self Blog for $6000 in Oct/Nov and I became a hired author, rather than owner. Caroline Middlebrook is 100% right when she says that your state… (0 comment)

Here is something for pondering on a Sunday. Last week I looked at why blogging is an Art Form. Now it’s time for science to have a say. Art Vs Science: 5 Reasons Blogging Is A Science 1. All bloggers learn from experimentation. Science is, “knowledge aquired by experimentation.” There are definitely elements of experimentation… (0 comment)

Chris Garrett recently outlined the different types of blog content, but which ones are worth promoting. Chris orders blog content in a value ladder (worst content first): Which Blog Posts Should You Publish And Not Promote? Filler content Good, original content Authority building content Pillar content Flagship content I would add news content to that… (0 comment)