Tips for Effective Search Engine Optimization Building an online business takes many hours of planning, designing and promoting.  From the very beginning of the Internet until now, the most effective way to attract targeted visitors to a site has been the search engines.  When your customers are searching for ideas or products, you want to… (0 comment)

Lots of bloggers like to launch their blog into a the new academic year with a re-design. Three new blog designs I’ve observed recently are John Cow, Blog Storm and Tech Crunch. If you are planning a blog redesign I suggest visiting the links I posted above and observing the comments readers made about the… (0 comment)

Recall that in my pre­vi­ous arti­cle ‚I pointed out that there are hun­dreds of e-Learning author­ing tools in the mar­ket today. Select­ing the proper tool for devel­op­ing con­tent is not a triv­ial task. e-Learning content authoring tools Series 2 In this arti­cle let us look at some dom­i­nant fac­tors that should influ­ence your deci­sion while… (0 comment)

If you have trouble defining, tracking and achieving your goals then you may very well need goal setting software. But what can goal setting software give you over an ordinary pen and paper method? And do you need goal setting software? If you are a “tools geek” you would probably answer “yes, of course, I… (0 comment)

Over the last months we’ve been paying closer attention to e-Learing content creation techniques and content authoring tools and have tried to understand how each of these tools work and how they can benefit other learning content creators. Such techniques/tools are often hard to find much less the methodology to use them. It would worth… (0 comment)