Editors note: Having sold $7000 of blogs myself, I have experienced the advantages of selling, but what about buying? This is a guest post from BusinessMart, the business search engine Why buy an established business or franchise rather than start from scratch? There are many advantages for an entrepreneur. First of all, there is a… (0 comment)

Here’s an interesting thought. Which country is it best to be a blogger in? There are lots of different questions around this topic: Which Country Is It Best To Be A Blogger In? Is it beneficial to be a blogger where lots of other bloggers live near by? (e.g. parts of California) Does a large… (0 comment)

Judging from what John Cow showed us of the new Million Euro Wiki owners I believed they would have a positive effect on MEW making buying a page an even better investment than before. After all they have claimed to be dedicated to the marketing of MEW and they sound pretty genuine when they talk… (0 comment)

Now that I’ve calmed down after finding the phrase “plump your pocket” very funny (for unknown reasons) it’s time to get down to business. Small business to be precise. With more and more of us treating blogging like a business there is always enough time to take home some Small Business Lessons. Small Business Lessons… (0 comment)