After reading the review of LinkXL on, I felt duty-bound to investigate further about how a link buying site tries to make themselves look legit. Gone are the days of when bloggers where unaware of why selling links could be considered gray or even black-hat. This is due to the Google Toolbar PageRank… (0 comment)

I Hate The Reverse Funnel System
It is rare for me to hate anything, especially a sponsor of Blogging Fingers. I am banning Reverse Funnel System banners from being bought on Blogging Fingers once the time for the current ad has expired. Alex of ThousandDollarProfits is using the Reverse Funnel System and he ordered up this review. Reverse Funnel System is… (0 comment)

Adnan is a young entrepreneur from the UK and used to own the popular entrepreneurial blog Blogtrepreneur (link: He is now the founder of a growing performance car (link: website called Car Throttle. In this recession-hit economy, it is very easy to think that advertising spend from individuals, businesses and corporations has dried… (0 comment)

When people talk about advertising they usually give you ideas for conventional advertising techniques. I’m not going to waste your time telling you how to use PPC, Banner Ads, or anything else of that nature. Instead, I want to focus on doing some more out side the box stuff. Advertise Out Side the Box, Or… (0 comment)