Here is a question for you. Which way is is better to charge customers? It could be for advertising on your blog, for an online training course or just about anything where there are going to be repeat payments. For some items, like an e-book there is only 1 download and no follow up (providing… (0 comment)

I Hate The Reverse Funnel System
It is rare for me to hate anything, especially a sponsor of Blogging Fingers. I am banning Reverse Funnel System banners from being bought on Blogging Fingers once the time for the current ad has expired. Alex of ThousandDollarProfits is using the Reverse Funnel System and he ordered up this review. Reverse Funnel System is… (0 comment)

I think of growing a popular blog as the great way to experience and learn the fundamentals of business. Blogging teaches you all about branding, marketing, sales, public relations, advertising and planning. Success stories in blogging are common when compared to Dragons Den success stories! Bloggers are fledgling entrepreneurs. It wouldn’t surprise me therefore if… (0 comment)