Internet Marketing for Blogs Internet marketers are in the business of selling products and services online. Perhaps, you are selling books, electronic gadgets, or appliances online, you might even be selling digital products such as e-books and music downloads, but whatever the case, one thing is clear, internet marketers run a serious risk of becoming… (0 comment)

Editors note: Having sold $7000 of blogs myself, I have experienced the advantages of selling, but what about buying? This is a guest post from BusinessMart, the business search engine Why buy an established business or franchise rather than start from scratch? There are many advantages for an entrepreneur. First of all, there is a… (0 comment)

Everybody is googling, but few explore Googles’ full range of services and applications. Some are even wary of all things Google. Despite the founders’ stated aim of making information sharing easier and more efficient, the giant has been criticised for enterprises that some perceive as threats to privacy. Whether or not you care about Google… (0 comment)

Long time readers will remember I used to give out links to my favorite blog posts of the week in what I called “Saturday Linking”, which provided those who were interested with some weekend reading. I’ve decided to start doing this again but this time on Fridays and with a new name; blog plugs! Image… (0 comment)

Chris Garrett recently outlined the different types of blog content, but which ones are worth promoting? Chris orders blog content in a value ladder (worst content first): Filler content Good, original content Authority building content Pillar content Flagship content I would add news content to that list and possibly linkbait, although linkbait spans across the… (0 comment)