Here is something for pondering on a Sunday. Last week I looked at why blogging is an Art Form. Now it’s time for science to have a say. Art Vs Science: 5 Reasons Blogging Is A Science 1. All bloggers learn from experimentation. Science is, “knowledge aquired by experimentation.” There are definitely elements of experimentation… (0 comment)

Chris Garrett recently outlined the different types of blog content, but which ones are worth promoting. Chris orders blog content in a value ladder (worst content first): Which Blog Posts Should You Publish And Not Promote? Filler content Good, original content Authority building content Pillar content Flagship content I would add news content to that… (0 comment)

Here is a question for you. Which way is is better to charge customers? It could be for advertising on your blog, for an online training course or just about anything where there are going to be repeat payments. For some items, like an e-book there is only 1 download and no follow up (providing… (0 comment)

We all know that Google has made its way into the dictionary as a verb! No one would argue that the onset of Google has become an international phenomenon, changing the way we research on the Internet and the way that businesses market. Now, a powerful new force has made its way onto the web-… (0 comment)

I Hate The Reverse Funnel System
It is rare for me to hate anything, especially a sponsor of Blogging Fingers. I am banning Reverse Funnel System banners from being bought on Blogging Fingers once the time for the current ad has expired. Alex of ThousandDollarProfits is using the Reverse Funnel System and he ordered up this review. Reverse Funnel System is… (0 comment)